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Billing System Update & Auxiliary Fee Clarification

Billing System Update

Over the next week, you’ll be receiving information about our new billing system from Letitia Howland. Look out for a one-off email with details on how to set up your account and any further action needed.

Auxiliary Fee Clarification

We have heard your feedback and are pleased to let you know that while your child is taking part in either After School Music Lessons or After School Enrichment Classes, the after school fee will be reduced by 50% to help mitigate overall expenses of attendance. If you enroll your child in an Enrichment class, your child will automatically be enrolled in After School, but if you enroll your child in After School Music Lessons, please let Kyla know if you would like your child enrolled in After School as well, since that is not automatically needed in all cases. Registering in After School ensures that your child will be transitioned to their lesson or class appropriately, is part of the dismissal process, and receives a snack at the beginning of After School. While After School fees and Music Lessons are billed in October and February for the two halves of our school year, Enrichment Classes will be billed in October, February, and April. Either way, and outside of regular After School registration, you will be billed at the 50% rate based on your child's After School attendance that is solely related to Music Lessons (two terms) or Enrichment Classes (three terms). Before the 50% discount is applied, the relevant After School rate will take the number of terms into consideration.

Please don't hesitate to reach out to Letitia Howland with any questions regarding billing.

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