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Changemaking Lab Note 4/6

The Changemaking Lab has been pulsing with energy and creativity this week! Our fifth grade students are busy finishing up their original Scratch video games and creating cardboard "cabinets" so we can turn the room into a retro 80's arcade for other classes to enjoy! Loads of partner programming and collaborative design in our classes, and we are super excited to open our arcade up in the next few weeks!

Our sixth and seventh grade students are knee-deep in their sustainability work, reaching out to local experts, connecting with Brookwood stakeholders, and conducting research on a variety of different ideas. We are looking forward to sharing these at the Brookwood Student Art Show later this month :)

Our Arcade project has been using up the bulk of our cardboard resources, so if you have any extra boxes or great cardboard kicking around the house, please feel free to drop it off at the front desk or directly here in the Changemaking Lab.

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