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Changemaking Lab Note Jan. 27 - David Saunders

As part of the Changemaking Lab’s ongoing effort to answer needs within the Brookwood community and beyond, students have the opportunity to pick a “job to be done” off of our Job Board. The requests tend to be out of the box and niche – for instance Kathy Stewart recently asked for push pins at a unique length that accounts for the depth of our cork boards and the width of student artwork. In short, there is no template for the creations or the ability to run to the store and pick up a prototype. Our students use the iterative process to develop solutions for the unique obstacles our community members encounter.

After weeks of interviewing teachers, measuring and cutting boards, drilling dozens of holes, and adding a coat of paint (or two!), eighth grader Lauren B. finished her design for an Early Childhood mitten rack and delivered it to the classroom earlier this week! Bravo, Lauren! Thanks for helping to make a busy winter season a little more organized for our youngest students.

Given the high level of student engagement and the enthusiasm of our faculty, we want to open up the Job Board to families who have something that need to be replaced, repaired, or an idea they’d like to see brought to life. While we can’t guarantee a quick turnaround, or even a successful solution, your submission will provide us with real-life design challenges to help us stretch our problem solving skills. Please use this link to submit a request.

The Changemaking Eighth Grade Leadership Program is thrilled to welcome its newest member, Emryn! She officially joined the team this week and has been hard at work assisting in the Lab, helping with materials and machines, and getting started on a remote control hovercraft!

We are continually evaluating our space and equipment as different projects ebb and flow each week. With an increase in demand for 3D printing for a variety of reasons - including a few items for Mary Poppins! - we are expanding our 3D Printing Lab. Sander and Emryn have been busy designing and building a new table to accommodate another printer and to provide some much-needed uncluttered flat surface real estate! Teamwork makes the dream work :)

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