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Changemaking Lab Note - May 12, 2023

After an incredible retro pop-up arcade experience last week, the fifth grade is now working on designing and building a custom pair of cardboard sneakers that are not only stylish and wearable, but can also survive a series of physical challenges. Stay tuned for more!

The 6th and 7th graders have transitioned to their final TCM rotations for the year, and our Changemaking class is continuing its work on sustainability projects. Students have risen to the challenge and are busy working on a variety of projects that will help our Brookwood community become even more sustainable!

8th graders are working hard to finish up their Changemaking projects before summer is upon us! Some are busy creating an active corridor space for our EC and K students to hone their motor skills and letter recognition. Others are finishing an ambitious project to build a series of shelves and oversized Scrabble tiles so Ms Wilson can create different messages to her second grade class. Another group is working on the final stages of a reading loft that will find its home in Mrs Hutchinson’s third grade classroom! Big thanks for Mr. Brown for his help in Sloyd!

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