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Changemaking Lab Notes: January 13

The second week of Changemaking '23 was stuffed to the brim with building, designing, sharing, and celebrating our work. 5th grade is just about finished with their custom stuffed animals made for Kindergarten buddies, and we are jumping into 3D printing. Students are learning how to measure, align, group, and iterate on virtual designs that will eventually be sliced and sent to our 3D printers to be made into physical objects. In eighth grade, a group of students finished a Job Board project by designing and building a wooden frame to hold stackable cushions in Miss Wilson's second grade classroom. They were so proud of their work and the second graders were thrilled to have a way to keep their cushions organized.

Our new Bambu Lab X1 Carbon 3D printer is really something special! We've been learning how to design models to be printed in multiple colors, a process that would have been very challenging even just a few years ago!

We're continuing to slice, dice, and melt those recyclable bottles into usable filament for our 3D printers. Just think - that Propel bottle you're drinking from right now might someday soon be a name plate, a game piece, or a custom wall holder for a classroom Apple TV! Please keep dropping them off in the main lobby or directly to us here in the Changemaking Lab. Thank you!

Keep Tinkerin'


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