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Changemaking Lab Notes: January 6, 2023

It's already been a busy 2023 in the Changemaking Lab, and we've only just begun! Given the fast-paced nature of the lab, I’ll be coming to you weekly moving forward with updates, insights, and learnings happening in our very own Changemaking Lab!

Investing in Equipment:

This fall and winter, we've been updating a lot of our equipment in the Lab. We've added a brand new laser cutter to the family, allowing us to work on multiple projects at the same time. In addition, we've been repairing, updating, and replacing our fleet of 3D printers. We now have two Prusa i3 MKS+ units, two Ender 3 Pros, and a brand new Bambu Labs X1 Carbon, which allows us to print in multiple colors without having to manually swap out the filament!


We are continuing to upcycle PET 1 plastic bottles into 3D printing filament. If you have empty bottles, please consider dropping them off in the front lobby or directly to the Changemaking Lab.

If you have a 3D printer at home that is giving you trouble, or if you'd like to become more familiar with how it works - and how to maintain it! - feel free to drop it off for a consultation. We'd love to help get you printing! :)

-David Saunders

Director of Innovation, Changemaking, & Technology

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