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Changemaking Lab Notes - June 2

Our fifth grade students continued working on their cardboard sneakers this week and have begun testing them out around the school. When and if they split, rip, or tear, students need to analyze the evidence and develop a solution so it doesn’t happen in the same way again. We will be presenting our sneakers next week, and participating in a series of physical challenges to test the durability of their designs.

Sixth and Seventh graders are finishing up their sustainability projects, preparing their presentations for next week. Some groups have been collaborating with our maintenance team to prepare areas of campus for different types of plants, while others are upcycling dried out markers into decorative vases and cups. On Thursday, our salad bar included a delicious blend of homegrown lettuces that were grown from seed by a group of students earlier this year!

Eighth graders are bringing their Job Board projects to a close. This week, Maizey and Sofia presented their reading loft to Mrs. Hutchinson’s third grade class.

Big thanks to Frank Brown for his help with this project!

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