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COVID-19 Update Following Our First Case of the Year

As you’re aware, we had one asymptomatic positive case this week in school and it is likely that we will have more in the future. Unfortunately, COVID-19 will be with us for the foreseeable future and we are all learning how to adjust our lives to create the right balance of reducing risk of transmission with living as normal and social lives as possible. This balance is very personal to each individual based upon their own health, age, and outlook. At Brookwood, we have to make decisions based upon what is the best for the whole community so we can operate school as safely and sensibly as possible. An enormous amount of time, effort, information, and expert guidance go into these decisions and plans; some of which are regulations from national and local governments, which we have to follow. However, we continue to be confronted with situations which are truly unprecedented and your continued support is sincerely appreciated. We are all working together for the same outcome – to keep children and employees safe while allowing them to participate in the best possible in-person teaching and learning that Brookwood can provide.

Test and Stay Protocol

As communicated earlier, we are running the State supported Test and Stay program which is designed to enable children to remain in school as a close contact, which is the best place for them to learn and socially develop. For this program to work effectively, all close contacts of an in-school positive individual should not isolate at home but rather test every morning at school. Online learning and support will only be provided to the child who has tested positive. This allows our faculty to focus on teaching and learning while allowing us to keep track of the infection levels within our community. Obviously, if we have an outbreak of infections we will consider sending a class or grade home to isolate and we would then move into remote learning. However, our goal remains the same: using our wide range of protocols so we can keep children in school.

Stay Home If You’re Unwell

Again, as parents, your support and help with this is crucial. Please monitor your children’s health and do not send your children into school if they are unwell and please read and follow Nurse Kylie’s regular communication and updates. Thank you.


We are pleased to report that we have had a very high percentage of adults and eligible students receive the vaccine. Additionally, starting next week, all employees will be participating in pool testing regardless of vaccination status. One of the best tools available to us for reducing risk of transmission of COVID-19 in school is regular and comprehensive testing/screening. The more people within our community that participate, the more effective it is.

Thank you for your partnership and support in keeping our community safe.



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