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DEI Parent Partnership

Brookwood was founded on the deep-rooted principles that our community is strongest, and learning outcomes are greatest, when we embrace diverse backgrounds, experiences, and points of view. This concept is central to our mission, strategic plan, curriculum, and culture. Like all successful school programs, this work to create an inclusive community will be most effective if it is done in partnership with you, our families.

With that in mind, we hosted a series of parent webinars and also launched our first affinity groups for children – Students of Color Affinity Group and the LGBTQ+ Affinity Group. Next week, our affinity group faculty-facilitators will share highlights from the first three affinity group sessions. In the meantime, I wanted to share recordings of the parent webinars and other helpful resources.

Q: What are affinity groups?

Affinity groups are:

  • People who have a shared interest or connection.

  • Often organized around under-represented identity: race, gender, religion, ability, and more.

  • Multi-grade or multi-age.

Q: What happens in affinity groups?

  • Activities

  • Games

  • Media

  • Discussion

  • Joy and fun

  • What students decide they want to happen

Q: Why are affinity groups important?

  • Foster identity development.

  • Develop community amongst students.

  • Discuss struggles & strategies for success.

  • Keep a pulse on the experience of students.

  • Allow for greater integration in the broader community.

  • By providing mirrors, affinity groups create the feeling of being understood without having to explain oneself.

Q: How can I support affinity groups at Brookwood?

  • Help explain to students that are not attending the affinity groups why the groups are important for their classmates.

  • Help reframe questions “Why don’t I get to attend” with “ How can I support my friends that choose to go?”

  • Use the language that the under-represented group/individual chooses to use and know that terms about identity evolve and change

Please be in touch with any questions!

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