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Details: Grandparents’ & Special Friends' Day 2022

Grandparents' and Special Friend(s) Day is just around the corner on Friday, May 6. Unless we hear from you otherwise by Friday, March 25, invitations will be sent to the addresses for all grandparents on file for your families.

However, please reach out to Katie Mullen if:

  • you would like us to invite special friend(s) in place of grandparents

  • you would like the invitations to go to only one set of grandparents

  • there has been a change in your grandparent or special friend(s) listing since August 2021

  • you do not wish us to invite the grandparents or special friend(s) we have on file to the event

Please contact Director of the Annual Fund and Community Engagement Katie Mullen if you have any questions!

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