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Don’t Miss Out! Register for After School Enrichment Classes!

Students must be registered for Enrichment Classes by the end of today (11:59 p.m.), Friday, September 9. Enrichment classes begin Monday, September 19. You can peruse the offerings and register for the courses in our Fall 2022 Enrichment Catalog, which can be viewed here as a PDF and here as a flippable catalog. Please note: enrollment for Enrichment is finalized upon the submission of the Google Form links found in the Catalog and cannot be changed at any point. The Chess, Mindful Movement, and Creative Kids classes are already at their maximum capacity. You are welcome to join the waitlist on the final page of the Catalog for these courses. If any class does not hit its minimum enrollment requirement, you will be notified early next week. As a reminder, your child must be enrolled in our regular After School program on the same day(s) of their Enrichment class(es). To adjust your child's regular After School enrollment, please email the Director of Auxiliary Programs, Kyla McMahon.

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