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January 6, Meta Minute - Healthy Snacks

Upper School students are HUNGRY! Actually, it’s often HANGRY! It makes sense, right? They are growing and developing, and their days are long (many continue on after dismissal with additional activities). Many ask me, “What should I eat for breakfast so I’m not hungry an hour later?”, or “What should I bring for a snack so I can make it until lunch?”, or a really aware student asks, “What should I eat so I don’t feel tired and distracted?” All are great questions, and really important!

First, I say, “Eat! Don’t skip a meal, and bring a water bottle and snacks to school.” Then we dive into what they are eating; how it makes them feel during and after they consume it; and what it is made up of (i.e. protein, fat, carbohydrates etc.). We’ve started to compare food options and break down how one will fuel their brain (yes, the brain needs energy to function optimally!) and body better, and for a longer period of time (think protein and good fats: seeds, nut butters, avocado, eggs) versus a straight-up carbohydrate (think plain bagel with butter and jam). We have just begun to scratch the surface on nutrition, but the majority of students are really interested!

One of the “healthy snacks” I have made for the 6th-8th grade students in Wellness class is Seedy Granola. It is a great source of energy with healthy fats, minerals, antioxidants, protein and fiber. Maybe make a batch this weekend and give it a try! Granola Recipe

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