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Know Before You Go: Early Birds Update

Early Birds begins next week (Mon. 9/12) and runs from 7:30 - 8:00 AM.

Parking for Early Birds will be available on the Courtyard from 7:30-7:55 AM.

One gate will be open to allow cars to enter the Courtyard.

Outgoing cars please use the driveway on the right and go through the parking lot across from the pond when exiting.

All students attending Early Birds must be walked into the DiCroce Library and signed in by an adult.

Upper School students who walk or bike to school are welcome to sign themselves if we have a walker/biker permission form on file.

All students attending any other before school activities (School Meeting band, acapella groups, music lessons, skills sessions, etc.) MUST sign in at the front desk between 7:30-8:00 AM.

  • For families not participating in Early Birds, please wait until a faculty member arrives on the Courtyard to open both gates to begin morning drop off at 8:00 am.

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