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Lower School Summer Math Information

Dear Families,

We are all so excited that summer vacation is on the horizon! In order to keep math concepts fresh, we are including some resources for you to explore with your child. Cooking, shopping and building all provide real world opportunities to engage in mathematical thinking as well. Ask your child questions such as:

*If I double this recipe, how many cups of flour will we need?

*About how much will it cost to buy three boxes of cereal? How much will we save if

we buy the boxes that are on sale?

* If we wanted a new rug for a bedroom, what is the area of the space we’d want it to

cover? What would the dimensions of the rug need to be?

In addition,

  • All Lower School students will come home on Tuesday, May 31st with a collection of math games to play over the summer. They spent time in their classroom creating and preparing the materials so you’ll be set to enjoy them again and again throughout the summer.

  • Children entering Grades 1-5 can also complete any unfinished pages in their math workbook that will be sent home with the rest of your child’s belongings at the end of the school year.

  • Children entering Grades 3-5 should also continue using the Reflex Math program for fact fluency practice if they haven’t yet completed it. They can access this program at, using either a computer or an iPad. Most students know their usernames and passwords, but please email Elise Koretz if you need this information. She’ll be checking her email periodically over the summer. Optimal usage is 15-20 minutes 3 times/week. As the children know, they should spend the time needed to reach “the green light,” which indicates they answered enough questions correctly for adequate practice in that session. Email Elise if your child completes a level and their account needs to be adjusted.

  • Children entering 5th Grade will also receive an additional packet of math activities to complete over the summer. It will be included in the folder with math games that will come home on Tuesday. Children will bring this completed packet back to school with them in the fall and give it to their 5th grade teacher.

Khan Academy ( is another great online resource. The math content is organized by concept, as well as by grade level, and there are accompanying video tutorials for each concept. Quizzes and tests for each unit allow children to assess their understanding and revisit topics with which they need more practice. You can create a free online account with your child and then use Khan Academy in a variety of ways. If you click on “Courses” and select your child’s grade level, you will see a list of all concepts studied this year. Children can then select an area they would like to review, watching tutorials as appropriate and completing practice problems, quizzes and tests within those sections. Children can also scroll down to the bottom of the grade level course page and take the “Course Challenge,” which will help them pinpoint particular areas on which to focus.

The following pages list additional websites and math games that will help your child continue to develop strong mathematical thinking. We hope that you enjoy these activities!


Elise Koretz, Fourth Grade Teacher/ Lower School Math Department Coordinator

Moira Smith, Head of Lower School

Stacey Wright, Assistant Head of School

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