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Lower School Update - February 18

Dear Lower School Families,

Our announcement of shifting to “mask optional” on the 28th has undoubtedly surfaced a variety of thoughts and emotions. I’m writing to give more specifics about our plans for an attentive and thoughtful trajectory towards unveiling those toothless grins within our building.

Here’s what FAMILIES can do:

The decision to remain masked or to shed it will lie with individual families. You should begin this conversation soon to be sure that your child has time to understand your plan and to be prepared for putting it into place. Please feel free to share your family’s mask plan with teachers so they know what to expect. We anticipate that your plans will shift as you anticipate family gatherings or encounter close contacts. Stay close in touch!

Here’s what TEACHERS can do:

In the day-to-day work of creating classroom communities and delivering engaging, innovative curriculum it would be hard for teachers to enforce family-specific mask plans for each student throughout the school day. As such, we ask that you set and enforce masking expectations with your children at home. We will work towards ensuring a community of empathetic classmates as some masks come off and others remain in place. Next week, classes will talk about their expectations for being a supportive mask optional community. They’ll preemptively discuss what different feelings and perspectives might be, and create boundaries for what positive conversations might sound like.

Please be in touch throughout this process!

Best Wishes,


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