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Lower School Update from Gina Marcel, September 9, 2022

Updated: Sep 15, 2022

Dear Lower School Families,

What a fantastic three days! Families marveled at their child’s independence as they quickly left their parents and caretakers to join their friends and teachers at the carport. Even minor bumps were quickly smoothed away as students performed acts of kindness and invited new friends to learn and play. The urge to include is astounding. It is apparent that children are inherently motivated by the Brookwood way.

One place where the Brookwood way is genuinely apparent is on the playground. Older children serve as examples and helpers to younger children. The young ones emulate the leaders of the Lower School. Everyone’s chest is out, but it's to let out a hearty laugh! For some, the play structures are hulking challenges to be overcome. For others, it is an opportunity to help. The zip line is where fear and adventure combine to amplify courage and triumph. In one instance, I saw an EC1 student have trouble on the zip line to discover two helpmates to his plight. They held the cables steady until she reached it, and then off she went!

I saw students soar to great heights on the swings and in classrooms as I taught coding throughout homerooms in the Lower School and enjoyed spending time with our youngest community members in Early Childhood. The children were enthusiastic, willing to take risks, and kind to their classmates and me. Lower School students never cease to amaze with their wonderings and knowledge construction. Their personalities shined through while I had wonderful conversations with our youngest citizens as they shared their hearts with me.

On Monday, September 12, children will arrive ready to smile for the camera! The forecast is sunny and clear so far; perfect weather for Picture Day! I look forward to visiting classrooms, continuing to learn names, and morning drop-off and afternoon pick-up. If you park, please stop me and let’s chat! I will always share an antidote of interactions with your child. We can talk about Brookwood and child development. Also, you can tell me what is important to you about your child. I want to know and add it to my knowledge base.

Have a great weekend and remember, Monday, September 12, is picture day!



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