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Lower School Update from Moira Smith

Dear Lower School Families,

In the blink of an eye, it’s December already! As we head off for two weeks of adventuring, relaxing, celebrating, or whatever you have planned, I wanted to send you off with a TOP ELEVEN list of highlights from fall 2021:

  1. A 3rd grader who stayed after art class ended to clean and organize the sinks and countertops.

  2. Lower School faculty members who spent their before-school hours helping Sheila Geraty with re-shelving books in the library.

  3. 4th graders creating a customized bookmark for every child in Lower School. This took MONTHS!

  4. EC students performing the Robot Show, which they wrote and choreographed themselves!

  5. 2nd graders excitedly cruising the school with their 6th grade Buddies to complete a scavenger hunt to find the answers to Brookwood trivia questions, such as “Who was the Lower School originally named for?” and “What was the One School One Book when 6th graders were in 2nd grade?”

  6. Brookwood parents joining together in a webinar with Erica Pernell to learn about how we can strengthen our efforts towards building a more inclusive community.

  7. Kindergarten writers sharing their budding spelling skills and their vast knowledge of exciting topics such as Maine, Grandma’s house, robots, and the classroom restaurant in their Show and Tell nonfiction books.

  8. Brookwood employees teaming together to create a cardboard creation that would carry a colleague across the pond to the duck house.

  9. 1st graders singing their hearts out with every word of the Brookwood Song during School Meeting.

  10. Welcoming parents back into our hallways after a year and a half of waving from outside!

  11. Third graders creating beautiful visuals to plot their Hope and Dream, as well as their specific route towards achieving it.

Here’s to even more highlights and memories in 2022.

Just as our children need time to decompress over the break, teachers also will use this time to unplug and refuel. Consider holding off on emails until we return in January, though of course if anything urgent comes up please don’t hesitate to get in touch with me.

See you next year!

My Deepest Gratitude,


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