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Lower School Update || March 25, 2022

Dear Lower School Families,

It has been such a pleasure to welcome your children back after a much-anticipated Spring Break. We have plenty of time left within this school year, though I must say that the spring tends to slide right by and before we know it we’re immersed in closing traditions. During our School Meeting conversation about wellness yesterday, I was inspired to make a conscious effort to slow down when I can– to take deep breaths and to enjoy each moment as it’s happening.

And yet… I also want to talk a bit about class placements for next year!

Believe it or not, our process of sectioning begins right about now. We try out social and academic groupings to foster interest in a wide variety of peers, and note the dynamics that work well. We integrate opportunities for children to wander into the next years’ classroom and to interact with the next years’ teaching team (some of which have yet to be determined). There is a GREAT deal of careful consideration that goes into the formation of classes on our end, and I want to be sure you’re aware of how you can participate as well. Here’s the excerpt from our Family Handbook:

Students are placed in a particular class as a result of input from the preceding teacher, specialist teachers and the Division Head. Decisions are based upon a variety of factors that include balancing the class by gender, social interactions, academic development, and the individual needs of each child. Please do not make teacher requests. If you have information about your child that you would like to share in a conversation with a Division Head in order that they have all the information you think pertinent to the sectioning process, please make sure to do so before May 1.

Please get in touch if you’d like to talk about next year! I respectfully ask that you remain within our requests regarding teacher placement, especially since teaching teams tend to shift and change from year to year. It’s always helpful to know about forming friendships that come up at home, and considerations that we might not know about from our school perspective that would impact placement.



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