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Lower School Updates- May 19; Gina Marcel

At the beginning of the year, a parent engaged me in a conversation about tradition. As the new Head of Lower School, it is my responsibility to uphold traditions and benchmark activities that are foundational to the Brookwood experience. I feel that responsibility very deeply and was appreciative of the Legacy Grandparent event held last week. A Legacy Grandparent sent their children to and have grandchildren at Brookwood. Some of the legacy grandparents either attended or had a spouse who graduated from Brookwood as well, representing three generations of Brookwood Alumni! The conversations were deep with memories, nostalgia, and revisiting valued traditions that will be passed on to each generation.

As we move through the month of May, I am participating in some of Brookwood’s valued benchmark experiences, like Beach Day. But I am also reflecting on the mechanics of how things are done. Grandparents and Special Friends Day was a riveting day of sharing, boasting, and pride. I witnessed Grade 2 perform the May Pole Dance and saw each grade contribute to a performing art showcase that left me dancing and celebrating all that our strong performing arts department achieves with the students. Kindergarten and Grade 1 sang modern songs interwoven into the Kindergarten and Grade 1 annual musical performance of The Lorax. They had an afternoon of festivities followed by their evening performance. Every child was bursting with anticipation of the special treatment of the cast.

But one academic milestone we have reached is happening in Grade 3. It’s time for Grade 3 to state their preference for the World Language they will study in Grade 4 and beyond. Mr. Cabral, the World Language Department Coordinator, sent out an email with the link to the Google Forms announcing this important event. After being exposed to two languages for multiple years, they will now have a specialization. I am excited for their growth here and that they will become the leaders of the Lower School.

There is still plenty to experience this year, and next year I will feel more the wiser after living through what makes Brookwood a magical experience.

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