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Lower School Updates, Ms. Marcel- Nov. 18

Dear Parents,

Brookwood is a special place. We have all felt it and I imagine it’s why many of us chose Brookwood. To say I’m filled with gratitude when I come to school each day would be an understatement, and, given that this is the season of thankfulness, I wanted to share a couple anecdotes with you as I unpack all that makes Brookwood such a magical place.

The Kids!

Social-Emotional Learning and Emotional Intelligence drive interactions between peers and teachers, and Brookwood teachers integrate this curriculum into the classroom in an awe-inspiring way. Even our youngest learners are adept at using vocabulary they learn through the RULER program and naming their emotions when they are feeling big feelings. Recently, an Early Childhood student asked me to mediate a conversation with a friend in my office. As he negotiated the issue with his classmate, they took turns and listened to each other. They acknowledged their role in the mishap and cleared up misunderstandings. Not many adults could have navigated that conversation as successfully, and their friendship was strengthened by it. While it was heartening to witness a resolution, it’s important to note that this conflict resolution and growth was the result of intentional effort and curriculum.

The Faculty!

Lower School educators, on a daily basis, prove how deeply they care for your children through the robust curriculum they design, reflective practices, and their knowledge of all the intricate details related to your children. Teachers’ commitment to their profession is obvious as they celebrate and advocate for their students and each other in many areas. Whether it is highlighting a new accomplishment by a child or sharing best practices with each other, they are dedicated to ensuring success for everyone.

You, The Parents!

I’ve worked at many independent schools, and many of them say that partnerships with parents are important. However, Brookwood walks the walk in a way I have never witnessed before. Because you share so openly, we are able to support your children so they thrive. It warms my heart when parents drop in, and we have meaningful conversations, building bridges. We are able to put kids first and know them authentically because of the open dialogue with you.

At Brookwood, I am a happier person, which makes me a better parent. I see a new calm in my entire family. This is partly because of all of the extraordinary moving parts I experience at Brookwood. It is all cyclical and connected to my family's sense of joy and belonging. For those reasons, we feel gratitude, and we thank you for choosing us as much as we choose you!

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