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Meta Minute -Finding Focus through Movement

The theme of all grade level yoga practices recently was focus, and finding focus through yoga. Using the breath, gaze points, slow movements and the core, one can find a great sense of attention and clarity for the pose at hand.

Crow pose, or sakasana in Sanskrit, is an arm balancing pose that strengthens the abdominals and arms, but sheer alone will not lift your feet off the ground! Crow pose requires a focused mind, and when you find yourself in it, you may notice the pose fosters an inner focus and concentration that you’ve been unable to find in a seated meditation with the naturally wandering mind.

Many students tried to hop their way into crow, but those that achieved it, as this 3rd grader did, listened intently to the directions, paid close attention to their body (not their neighbor!), set their gaze point ahead rather than down, tucked their knees into their armpits with the triceps resting below their knees, and slowly lifted one foot off the ground and then the other! Balancing is complex for the nervous system and the body, so the posture forces you to stay focused, or you will fall. Balancing poses build spatial body awareness, and we all know that our kids can benefit from a better understanding of their body parts, and how they move, or can be controlled in various spaces!

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