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Meta Minute, Jan. 20

This week at School Meeting, Mr. Bartlett spoke of Martin Luther King, Jr., and the breath-taking new sculpture unveiled in the Boston Commons Monday. A sculpture that encapsulates the love between Martin Luther King and his wife, Loretta Scott King – their embrace, his wedding band –I could feel the love they shared. Mr. Bartlett also shared this quote by Martin Luther King,

“Love is such a powerful force.

It’s there for everyone to embrace -

That kind of unconditional love for all of humankind.

That is the kind of love that impels people to go into

The community and try to change conditions for others,

To take risks for what they believe in.”

As I re-read the quote to myself, this bright orange sticky note came to my mind. A Lower School student visiting my class recently was invited to write something they are grateful for and add it to the Gratitude Wall. Their words were unabridged, and knowing this young person as I do, they were intentional and heart-felt. “I am grateful for love.” I was speechless. I paused, and looked at the young child who had the softest smile on their face. And my mind drifted to one of my mindfulness meditation mentors, Sharon Salzberg, a world-renowned teacher of Lovingkindness meditations, and also the author of Real Love: The Art of Mindful Connections. Salzberg writes that we can find a “pathway towards more sustainable and authentic connections” by feeling more connected to ourselves, those around us and the outside world. As Martin Luther King voiced, “Love is such a powerful force.” I may take this for granted at times, but my Lower School friend reminded me that love is certainly something we can be grateful for, and that connects us as humans.

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