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New and Departing Faculty & Staff

As we look forward to next year and investing in key priority areas, I wanted to take a moment to share that a number of folks on our team will be taking on different or expanded roles in the coming year and there will be a few new faces joining the team. Below you’ll find more details about these exciting changes as we continue building for the future. Additionally, we have three member of our team starting new chapters, and you’ll find more details about their plans below. Lastly, teaching teams and homeroom teachers will be shared out in my End-of-Year Newsletter. Please reach out if you have any questions.

New Roles Across the School

  • Data Administrator Doug Fodeman Doug has made the decision to retire after the 2022-23 school year and has reframed his role to aid in the transition to fill his *huge* shoes! Doug will return in the fall part-time as the Database Manager and Grade 7 teacher of Internet Literacy. He will lead our project to re-implement Veracross, will support David and Michael as they take on expanded roles, and will train the next Database Manager once they are hired.

  • Director of Innovation, Changemaking, and Technology David Saunders David will join our leadership team to lead Innovation, Changemaking, and Technology initiative in an expanded role, which includes oversight of academic curricula in technology, global partnerships, and design thinking.

  • Director of Computer Networking and Systems Technology Michael Wise Michael will maintain and develop the network, manage IT security, oversee software and hardware upgrades, and oversee the technology that supports all our operations. As such, he will report into Letitia as a key component for all aspects of school.

  • Associate Director of Communications Kristie Avallon Kristie previously worked for over seven years in our Communications Office, producing videos and creating social media content. She will be leaving the Admissions Office and bringing her passion, skills, and creativity to rejoin and round out our Communications Office as our Associate Director of Communications!

  • Associate Director of Admissions Kacey Morris We are thrilled to welcome Kacey Morris back to Brookwood to rejoin the Admissions Office as Associate Director of Admissions. As many of you know, Kacey served in a variety of roles here over her 26 year tenure, spanning from Director of Communications to Associate Director of Admissions. Most recently Kacey has been working as a Senior Associate at Forbes College Consulting in Portsmouth, NH. Mother of three Brookwood graduates, Katrina '09, Michaela '11 and Anna '13, Kacey looks forward to returning to campus and connecting with former and new colleagues and partnering with families in her role.

  • Dean of Student and Community Life Khadijah Campbell Khadijah will move into a new role as the Dean of Student and Community Life. In her role, she will partner with team leaders, advisors, and division heads to support and enhance the student experience at school. She will organize outings and enrichment programs for Upper School students, and will also support student welfare and will be a leader in the implementation of our DEI initiatives.

  • Athletic Director Robert Risley Robert will join our athletics and PE Department as the Athletic Director this fall. He hails from St. Matthew’s Parish School in Los Angeles, and currently teaches physical education classes to students aged 3 - 14 and is the Director of Athletics 20+ interscholastic teams.

Prior to taking on the role of Director of Athletics, he served as Dean of the Middle School and Interim Lower School Principal. He will be joined on the North Shore with his wife and three children and they are very much looking forward to being closer to family and back in New England.

We also are excited about the caliber of the candidates we have interviewed for the following open positions for their relevant work experience and for their alignment with our core values: Director of Athletics, French & Spanish teaching position, Director of Auxiliary Programs, Upper School Science. We look forward to sharing the names and backgrounds of our new faculty members once we’ve completed our hiring.

Departing Faculty

Every year in schools, faculty leave for a number of personal and professional reasons. While we are sad to see them go, we’d like to take a moment to celebrate each person’s contributions to Brookwood:

  • Emily Coyne Emily has decided to no longer teach full-time, but will remain a part of the Brookwood community as a substitute and a parent. Emily’s passion and excitement about science are palpable, and students soak up that energy and love learning with her. As a sixth grade advisor, science teacher, and coach, she cares deeply not only about the academic growth of her students, but also her students' social and emotional well-being. Lastly, we are so grateful for the work Emily and Carrie Woodruff have done with the Environmental Club; their leadership has brought a successful linen and towel drive to animal shelters, a film screening for Earth Day, and has inspired student action to make our campus more sustainable.

  • Devon DeWolf Devon has decided to pursue her goal of leading DEI efforts in schools. Starting in August, she will be the Assistant Director of Equity and Inclusion at Shady Hill School in Cambridge, MA. From bringing the 5th-grade opening lesson, The Watermelon Launch, to the end of the year story, Home of the Brave, Devon has brought fresh ideas to the classroom and curriculum. Her connection with students is simply magical. While we will miss Devon, we are thrilled for her to pursue her passions in her next adventure.

  • Carrie Woodruff After nineteen years at Brookwood, Carrie Woodruff has decided to pursue her teaching career at St. Johns Preparatory School. Thanks to Carrie’s Spanish teaching and leadership within the department, our World Language program has an incredible reputation. Carrie cares deeply that her students develop language skills, and she does this by creating engaging lessons and projects. In addition to World Language, Carrie has fostered creativity and a passion for art with our youngest students. She has also made such an impact through coaching, advising the environmental club, and leading our first international trip in three years with Maria. We will miss Carrie but are excited she will remain a member of the Brookwood community as a parent next year.

As always, we’re happy to answer any questions you may have as we plan for the year ahead, so don’t hesitate to be in touch.

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