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Protocols for Direct Contacts with Someone Outside of Brookwood

Updated: Oct 12, 2021

If a student is in direct contact with someone outside of Brookwood with COVID 19, we have the following plan. The parent should email Nurse Kiley, Alicia Drury for attendance purposes, and the student’s advisor (6 - 8th grade) or homeroom teacher (EC - 5 grade).

Please plan on it taking 24 hours to implement our remote learning plan for out-of-school direct contacts, as there are many plans to make and materials to gather to provide an effective distance learning experience. Remember that the student’s health is paramount and this plan is in place for students at home that are able to continue their learning.

Upper School

  • The advisor/homeroom teacher will pack the student’s books and belongings into a crate and leave them at the front desk for pick up.

  • The advisor/homeroom teacher will send a copy of the academic schedule home and share the PMI codes for zoom classes.

  • The student will start each day zooming with their advisor or homeroom teacher at 8:20 to check in, hear announcements, and meet with their homeroom/class.

  • In Grades 5 - 8, each subject teacher will email the student in the morning (by 8:30 am) to let them know if the student should Zoom into class on that day or classwork to complete independently during this time.

Lower School

  • The classroom teacher will gather materials in a distance learning bin (or two!) and will arrange a pick-up plan with parents/guardians. Options include leaving the materials at the front desk or arranging a car line pick up.

  • The classroom teacher will be in touch with parents/guardians regarding plans for engaging the student throughout their quarantine. A hybrid teaching model (some students in the classroom and some students Zooming in from home) requires a great deal of effort on behalf of all involved, so each case will be unique. Distance learning plans will be based on what works best for the teacher, classroom, student, and family.

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