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This Week in Sports

Welcome to the 2022-23 Brookwood Athletics season! I am delighted to be a part of the Brookwood community and equally delighted that our students have completed their first full week of sports. With our tryout process complete and teams formed we now head into the competitive part of our season with many games scheduled against local schools.

This first week has been a great opportunity for myself to learn and refine all those little details that are important to a successful program. As I continue to learn more about Brookwood and its processes I look forward to our Athletics program growing and thriving.

All game schedules are now up on the Athletics calendar and in Heron Hub. Please check it weekly as changes can occur (although hopefully that will be minimal, if at all). On the athletic calendar you should be able to see the time and location of the game and, if an away game, the expected time of return to the Brookwood campus for our students. You may also sign out your student with the coach if you attend the game and take them from there.

Each team's coaches also have the season schedule and will be able to answer any questions you have regarding locations, departure times, pick up times, etc. Your coach is your first point of contact. I will post the practice schedule weekly for the students to check.

The list of teams we have and their coaches are:

  • Varsity Field Hockey - Mike Wellington, Alex Edwards

  • Junior Varsity Field Hockey - Kristie Avallon, Alex Edwards

  • Varsity Boys Soccer - Bill Schneider, Peter Abramson

  • Junior Varsity Boys Soccer Green and White (two teams) - Brian Carver, Ray Falconer, Laura Lilley (On Monday, the teams will play each other and we may change the rosters slightly based on the outcome of that scrimmage).

  • Varsity Girls Soccer - Monika Carbochova, Emily Coyne

  • Junior Varsity Girls Soccer - Emily Friend, Maria Gustaferro

Our goal for the Brookwood Athletics program is to foster a positive environment for our athletes to compete, learn and grow. Being part of an Upper School sports team is an opportunity to play with friends across grades and to have fun in the process. While we certainly want to win games, if we prepare well and fight hard the score will take care of itself and we will always be proud to represent Brookwood.

This week proved a successful week on the field as our Varsity field hockey team opened the season with a 4-0 victory at Rockport, our girls Varsity soccer team triumphed 3-0 at home v Tower and our boys Varsity soccer team tied 1-1 against Tower.

Looking forward to a great athletic year! GO HERONS!


Rob Risley

Athletic Director

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