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Two Notes from US Town Meeting- May 29

Dear Upper School Parents and Guardians,

I hope this message finds you well. I’m writing to share with you some important information from Wednesday’s weekly Upper School Town Meeting. During the meeting, I spoke further with the students about our response on Monday to the events at St. John’s Prep, which included implementing one of our safety protocols of keeping the children inside (shelter-in-place) to carry on with school while we managed the fast evolving information and facts. My main message to the students was that their safety is our utmost priority and that our employees are well-trained to lead our safety protocols. I reviewed the different emergency responses with them all, from fire evacuations, shelter-in-place and immediate danger response which involves exiting the building and gathering at the nearby Landmark campus.

At the end of my remarks, I acknowledged that everyone experiences a range of emotions during such events. I asked the students to identify two adults within the Brookwood community whom they feel comfortable approaching if they have concerns about themselves or others or just want to process something difficult with someone. I also want to assure you that Brookwood’s clinical psychologist, Dr. Shayda Ahi, advisors, homeroom teachers, and I are all available to address any questions or concerns.

Following the discussion of safety protocols, we shifted gears to launch our upcoming Steep Days program from June 12 - June 14. For more information, click here. After the meeting, students reviewed the various offerings and signed up. To view the options, please click here. Students and faculty are excited and we feel these three days provide an engaging and fun way to conclude the school year. Students will know their Steep Days by the end of next week. I would like to thank Khadijah Campbell, Laura Lilley, and Maria Gustaferro in the Upper School for organizing and leading our Steep Day program.

If you have any further questions or require additional information, please don't hesitate to reach out. Thank you for your continued support and cooperation.

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