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Upper School Update: April 8, 2022

Dear Upper School Parents and Guardians,

It’s been a pleasure seeing so many of you back inside the building for School Meetings and parent-teacher conferences. Next week we have two home lacrosse games on Wednesday and Thursday, and we hope to see you on the sidelines. We look forward to continuing to come together as a community this Spring and have some fun events planned.

Spring brings new members to the Brookwood community. Yesterday we had our newly admitted students revisit Brookwood with their parents. Your students were outstanding ambassadors, and there was great energy in the classroom and hallways. Spring also brings a new set of clubs, and we are excited to offer birding, cricket, yoga, baseball, trivia, a crafting club, and more. We are also planning our end-of-school-year events and will be sharing more details in the next Upper School Updates.

Please see the ask me abouts below:

5th Grade: (Outside of the Homeroom Classes)

Music: getting ready for our Tamboo Bamboo rhythm skit performances next week.

French: The Francophone countries that I have been learning about.

Spanish: The Spanish-speaking country I have studied and how life there compares to here.

Mandarin: We celebrated the Qingming Festival by making paper flowers and walking on the grass.

ART: How I made a Squash Book

6th Grade:

Math: Ask me who and/or what I was presenting. Students did presentations on famous mathematicians and/or math concepts. We have learned so much from their childhood stories to the water pumps they invented and still use. We even heard where the word percent came from.

Music: practicing our songs over and over and over again… and then again. :)

Geo (Abramson): Am I ready for the Asia map quiz? Why were the explorations of Zheng He interesting and important?

Geo (Burns): What did our Spent simulation teach me about difficult economic choices and poverty in the United States?

French: All the words I can use to describe things and how the words change when talking about “le” and “la” words.

Spanish: Talking about what we have to do and how often we do things

Art: My Year of the Tiger illustration


7th Grade:

Math ( Carbo): How I did on the test last week and about the shapes we are studying.

English: Poetry Maps

French: Sports, activities, and hobbies, including which ones use “jouer” and “faire.”

History: How did immigration, industry, and enslavement lead to the Civil War?

Spanish: Talking about the market and what artisanal goods you could buy in Oaxaca

ART: My Lino-Prints.. printmaking and creating multiples

8th Grade:

English: Why Juliet rules!

History: What was my position on whether the Modern Revolution was positive or negative? How did Hitler rise to power in Germany in the 1930s?

French: The story of “le goûter” and the rather unexpected twist.

Spanish: What happened in the end of “Sueños de la isla?”

Math: connecting solving x-squared equations to the path of a ball in flight

ART: My Wayne Theibaud inspired dessert or food painting

Save the Date: 7th and 8th Grade Spring Dance - Friday, May 20 (6:00 pm - 9:00 pm)

Have a great weekend!


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