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Upper School Update from Dave Samson

Hello Upper School Parents and Guardians,

I look forward to seeing you this evening on the Courtyard if you can attend. It’s hard to believe we are wrapping up our third week of school. The 7th and 8th grade students enjoyed a successful team-building trip to Camp Caribou, and next week Brookwood athletic teams will be playing other teams for the first time since February 2020. Below you will see a slideshow, the ask me abouts, and other announcements.

Please click here to see photos of your students in action and a sneak peek of the Camp Caribou photos. A slideshow is coming soon….

Ask Me About:

6th Grade:

Math: How I am working with variables. Yes, a little taste of Pre-Algebra already.

French: How to talk about where I and others are from and nationalities. Also, how do you “do” the avion, éléphant, mixer, horloge and pain grillé?

Geo and World Cultures: What is geography, and why do we study it?

Spanish: What country's official language is Spanish, and something that I learned about each?

Science: How does oobleck compare to the asthenosphere?

7th Grade:

Math Carbo: Variables, Powers and Order of Operations

Math Carver: How do I identify groups without symbols?

French: What Novice High language looks like and how we move to Intermediate Low.

Music: What is the proper technique for ringing a handbell? Can you explain the biochemical reasoning behind needing to wear gloves when performing?

English: Character Development project

Spanish: How can I use sources like dictionaries, family members, or caregivers to help me with my Spanish?

History: What challenges did the first European colonists encounter when they first came to the New World?

Science: What causes tides?

8th Grade:

French: How I can make sure that I’m pushing my French proficiency higher by speaking and writing with more detailed sentences.

Theater: How am I preparing for the 8th-grade play audition? (8-1 - during class on 9/24; 8-2 - during class on 9/27; 8-3 - during club time on 9/24).

History: How I am beginning to think and write like a historian, and how views of history change over time.

English: My annotation report

Spanish: How can I use sources like dictionaries, family members, or caregivers to help me with my Spanish?

Math: (that’s 0.9 repeating forever = 1). How can that be? And, how do I pick out relevant parts and build a strategy to solve them?

Science: what is the metric system, and what is the metric staircase?

Mask Wearing: While the Upper School community is good with mask wearing, we spent some time today reminding the students of its importance of wearing their masks correctly. I shared this article from Edutopia with the faculty. We discussed the need for routines when we begin class around wearing masks properly and that all of us educators at Brookwood must be consistent. Please check with your children if their masks fit properly and can remain snug over their noses. Thank you for your help in keeping our community safe.

Enjoy the weekend!


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