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Upper School Update from Dave Samson

Dear Upper School Parents and Guardians,

It was good seeing you at Back to School Night last night! While last night provided an opportunity to hear about what your students are learning and meet your child’s teachers virtually, parent-teacher conferences in three weeks (October 21 and 22) are for you to meet with your child’s teachers and hear specifically about your child’s academic progress this year. More specific information about parent-teacher conferences will be on Heron Hub soon. What an incredible two weeks for 7th and 8th-grade athletics! It’s been great seeing parents and students on the sidelines this week. The Brookwood spirit is thriving! Please see the ask me abouts and announcements below.

Ask Me About:

5th Grade

(Homeroom Teachers send out their newsletter)

Art: Designing Unique T-Shirts which are on display in our library and the art hallway-- and working on color mixing to make warm and cool colors and then paint an original piece

Technology: 5th Graders have already shown improvement in their keyboarding skills! We’re also learning how to use Google Calendar to help us organize our work by setting reminders when needed about due dates!

Music: Our steel drum performance next week!

6th Grade

French: The five accents used in French and how they change the sounds of letters.

Spanish: Greeting different people and days of the week.

Math: How I am doing on all operations with decimals and if I am ready for next week’s Decimal Test.

Geography and World Cultures: The elements of a map and how I am preparing for my USA map test.

English: My utopia I created during one of our writing prompts.

Science: Volcanoes and the unusual landscape of Iceland.

Art: Creating a Visual Portrait Map focusing on self, family, community, and the larger world and then making a mixed-media self-portrait using watercolor, colored pencils, and collage materials

Music: G chord and E chord on the guitar, and how to read music and tablature.

Tech: Learned how a computer, the internet, and applications function by becoming the systems themselves and performing basic functions.

7th Grade

How the whole grade worked on decorating 100 lunch bags for Ellis Square Friends ( Beverly organization providing meals for residents in need)

French: The places we go around the town and what we do there. Also, ask about giving directions.

Spanish: Different ways to say who things belong and what people have, saying the date in Spanish.

Math (Carbo): How I did on my Chapter 2 Test and how we started Multiple-Step Equations

Science: Beach trip!

Art: Permanent pen drawings capturing our campus and a sense of visual depth .. close-up depictions of plants focusing on close observation -- and creative collages depicting autumn

Math (Carver): How I did on my first unit test! Why can’t we divide by 0?

History: Which colonial region was of the greatest value to Great Britain in the colonial period?

8th Grade

French: Describing people, places, and activities using all the adjectives we have learned and where the adjectives go in sentences.

Spanish: The main differences between the two verbs that mean “to be”

Mandarin: We reviewed Radicals, numbers, and dates. We also talked about the private schools in China.

Art: Personal object mixed-media pieces with patterning that amplify the meaning of the object-- and beginning work on large portraits of people that we admire using pencil and focusing on value

History: What exactly do cause and effect mean? How can we use that knowledge to understand industrialization and migration? How is my research for my essay going?

Science: how to measure mass, volume, and length

Math: the experience of taking my first unit test…. Changes to my approach to math as I look ahead.

Clubs: Today was our second day of Upper School clubs. This fall, we offer everything from learning HTML to cricket to croquet to fun with cardboard to an investment club. Please ask your children how clubs are going. We will have a new round of clubs in the winter and the spring.

Pictures: Please see a collection of pictures from the week, including the 7th-grade science class at West Beach. The Camp Caribou slideshow is here!

Save the Date: Halloween Dance for 7th and 8th Graders - October 29 on the Courtyard - 5:30 - 8:00 PM.

Articles and Resources: The anonymous posting app Yik Yak is back, and we wanted you to be aware. Here is a recent article from NPR. Please know Doug Fodeman, and I are available for any questions regarding smartphones and social media.

Enjoy the weekend!


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