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Upper School Update from Dave Samson (11.12.21)

Dear Upper School Parents and Guardians,

It was a productive, exciting week in the Upper School. One of the highlights was that every Upper School grade spent time with their Lower School buddies. These connections are so meaningful and bring joy to both the younger and older students. I’m excited that the Upper School students are beginning to play an active role in leading the buddy program and coming up with the ideas for these special occasions. Please click here to see 5th - 7th grade buddies, the Upper school dance, and some 6th grade science pictures and please click here for 8th grade buddy pictures. Below is information about progress reports and the ask me abouts.

6th - 8th Grade - Fall Progress Reports

On November 19, you will receive access to your child's grades and comments. Please keep in mind that these progress reports are not permanent in any way, and students will have approximately 5 more weeks to continue or improve their efforts before the end of the fall term. It's plenty of time to rescue a low grade or make a change in a habit that isn't serving a student well. Please do share these carefully crafted comments with your Upper Schoolers and contact teachers and advisors directly if you have any questions.

Remember to ask your students about…

5th Grade

Music - Getting ready for our steel pan performances at the Fall Festival.

6th Grade:

Music - Playing “Don’t Stop Believing” on the guitar and taking my first guitar quiz.

Spanish - How to say what activities different people like or dislike doing

Math: Withdrawal and deposit, we are getting into positive and negative integers

French: Starting a sentence, adding to it, building it up, and building it up even more.

Geo: Wrapping up our state research papers and discussing monotheism in class

Science: Earthquakes happening around the world right now

English: How is my personal narrative going. I’m about to turn it in!

7th Grade:

Spanish - How to describe a schedule and where people are located or go to school.

Math (Carver): working with percents

Math ( Carbo): how I finished the unit on fractions

French: Musical instruments and how to talk about playing them.

History: Surviving the first significant8th-grade history test in a long, long time.

Science: The animal I chose to classify using taxonomy

English: Favorite short story I’ve read so far and why!

8th Grade:

Spanish - My group’s restaurant skit

Math: tolerance, and modeling tolerance with absolute value

French: Cooper and Akshara, the main characters in the book we are reading (La Nouvelle Fille) and the story behind the Madame Monsieur song Mercy.

History: Beginning our study of the causes of World War 1 and how we can learn about the conflict through poetry

Enjoy the Weekend!

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