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Oct. 29 Upper School Update from Dave Samson

Dear Upper School Parents and Guardians,

It’s been an exciting week with a Nor’easter, a Halloween parade, and our first 7th and 8th-grade dance in almost two years is happening this evening. Wow! Below are the ask me abouts followed by a few announcements.

Please ask your child about…

5th Grade:

Art: What is an “alebrijes,” and what did I decide to make for my alebrijes?

Music: How many times do we play something until we get it?

6th Grade

French: How to say when I’m hungry or thirsty and how to order food and drinks.

Music: The four chords that make up hundreds of pop and rock songs.

ART: What does the word COLLAGE mean?

Geo: How is my template coming along for my research paper?

Math: How I did on my quiz on LCM, GCF, and divisibility rules.

Spanish: My contribution to the Día de Los Muertos altar and about the holiday

Science: The 1964 earthquake in Valdez, Alaska

7th Grade

French: What I do around the house and to point out all the furniture.

Math ( Carbo): What are the formulas when doing operations with Exponents, and how I can write things out.

Math (Carver): review and taking of unit test #2!

Spanish: My writing to celebrate someone’s life for Día de Los Muertos and about the holiday

ART: What is the subject (or theme) of the faux stained-glass window?

Science: 4 characteristics of living things

MUSIC: Learning Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer. Learning two songs for the chorus at Fall-Fest!

8th Grade

French: What an MJC is and all of the activities that I include in mine.

Story read-arounds.

Spanish: The Comidagram I created with posts about different foods.

ART: How is my portrait going .. and how does using a range of values enhance it?

Mandarin: We started Unit 4, lesson 1. In this lesson, we learned about colors. We also worked on the China City project.

History: studying for my upcoming test on the Industrialization of the United States.

English: Sharing projects, Anne Frank, and three-column notes.

Math: review and taking of unit test #2!

THEATER: Students learned the choreography for the group numbers in the 8th grade play! They are happily willing to share what they’ve learned, and tutorial videos are in the 8th grade play google classroom for practice and review.

Massachusetts Bully Law: This month I have spoken to all Upper School students about the Massachusetts Bully Law and explained Brookwood’s adaptation of the law. A requirement included in the law is to educate students about the law annually. We spent our time discussing Brookwood’s Bullying Prevention and Intervention Plan, which is on page 38 of the Handbook. During our conversations, the students asked questions, and we discussed the importance of treating one another with respect and kindness. We want to make sure our students come to a school where they are free from bullying, cyber-bullying, and retaliation and if they are being treated unkindly and/or being bullied, we want to empower them or their classmates to say something.

The Weather is Changing - We will continue to be outside a bunch during the day, so please make sure your children are dressed appropriately.

Enjoy the weekend!


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