Upper School Update from Dave Samson

Dear Upper School Parents and Guardians,

Winter break, here we come! Your children have worked really hard this fall and have earned a restful and relaxing break. We look forward to seeing them in 2022!

Ask your children about:

5th Grade:

  • Please see the homeroom newsletters

6th Grade:

  • French: How to talk about where people are what they do there.

  • Math: How many new vocabulary words I learned that are related to angles and triangles.

  • Spanish: Successfully playing “guess who” all in Spanish using our new vocabulary!

  • Geo (Burns): How we are preparing to film our social justice public service announcements.

  • Music: Learning jingle bells and researching influential roles in rock n roll history.

  • Geo (Abramson): Finishingour unit to compare and contrastg monotheistic religions.

7th Grade:

  • Science: Parts of plant and animal cells

  • French: What I wear when I do various activities.

  • Math ( Carbo): How I did on my recent percent quiz and how I can do percent in my head.

  • Spanish: Talking about sports we play

  • English: My metaphor project

  • Math: Standard form of a linear equation

  • History: Why it’s so difficult to answer Geo Bee questions in front of the whole class

8th Grade:

  • Science: Balancing chemical equations

  • French: The central topics of racism and classism that come up in La Nouvelle Fille and how the main characters (Akshara and Cooper) navigate this in their relationship.

  • Spanish: Watching and discussing the commercial for the Spanish Christmas lottery

  • Mandarin: We discussed Christmas in China and made a writing project regarding it.

  • History: Wrapping up the research essays, World War , and getting ready for the mock trial.

  • English: My word study word

Click here for a slide show of 5th and 8th graders in action this week plus a few extra fun photos.

Articles and Resources:

I liked this article from edutopia about the power of asking questions to help executive functioning.

Happy Holidays!


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