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Upper School Update - May 20, 2022

Dear Upper School Parents and Guardians,

What a beautiful week! We are getting ready for SING, hosting a Spring Dance for 7th and 8th graders tonight, and preparing for our final three weeks of school. Last week, we shared the dress code for the 2022-2023 School Year, and I’ve included it here in case you missed it.

Please click here to see pictures of Spring Sport’s teams, Heron House competitions, 6th graders stargazing, and more.

Ask your students about:

5th Grade (Outside of the Homeroom Classes):

Technology: Ask your Fifth Grader to show you their completed Family Tree Project, including a journey they created in Google Earth!

French: Ask about saying preferencing and opinions, along with “mais,” “aussi,” and “non plus.”

6th Grade:

Math: How good I am at drawing 3D shapes and how I did on my test.

Geo (Burns and Abramson): What current event am I studying? How is my research going for my newscast?

Science: The three variables I am researching to combat climate change.

Spanish: Talking about where things are located and what verb to use

English: Why Lowis Lowry chose red to be the first color Jonas could see in the novel “the Giver.”

French: Places around the school, what I do there, school subjects and who my teachers are.

7th Grade:

Math ( Carbo): How I did on my recent quiz and how I am learning about angle relationships.

Math (Carver): the unit circle, triangles within it, and the relationship between the angle at the origin and the lengths of the sides.

Science: Genetics project

English: Long Way Down Projects

History: What made the 54th Massachusetts Regiment so important to the Union cause and the future of African American civil rights

Spanish: What to add to an adjective make it an extreme (i.e., really intelligent)

French: The Story of “Le Maillot” and its connection to Côte d’Ivoire in Francophone West Africa.

8th Grade:

Math: making a logical argument and building geometry proofs

Science: Bottle Rockets!!!

English: ABD Projects

History: World War 2 Test

Mandarin: We learned directions and school facilities.

Spanish: the Year-End Project

French: Food, food, and more food, including ordering from a “prix fixe” menu.

Yearbook Update:

Given a change in our yearbook distributor policies, yearbooks will be mailed home this year and should arrive to homes in the first weeks of summer. There will be a surprise keepsake given to every graduate that they can have signed by friends similar to the “signing of the yearbooks” that would typically happen on the last day of school. Please reach out to Director of Marketing and Communication Alison Moerland at with any questions.

*6th graders are rotating through a Digital Citizenship class taught by Mr. Fodeman. In that class, they are learning the following:

  • Understanding What is Private and What is Not in the Digital World

  • Understanding that essentially NOTHING is private online

  • Understanding how the lack of digital privacy can have serious consequences

  • Understanding what it means to be “judged” in the digital world and the impact these judgments can have

  • Understanding how easy it is to destroy one’s reputation online and how challenging it is to rebuild it

  • Understanding that kids are “wired” to be more likely to make mistakes when they act on impulse unless they purposely think about the best way to respond

  • Teens are deprived of the healthy act of “forgetting” because they post so much of their lives online

  • Understanding HOW we communicate is sometimes as important as what we communicate! (e.g., apologies)

  • Some types of conversations are much better to have in-person (or via Facetime) than through disinhibited forms of communication like texting, and social media posting

  • Understanding that YOU can step up and make circumstances better, even when it isn’t always easy to do!

Next week, we plan to send out permission slips for the 8th Grade trip to Camp Cody and Steep Day assignments for 5th - 7th graders.

Enjoy the weekend!


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