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Upper School Updates- Samson Strolls, Feb. 10

Dear Upper School Parents and Guardians,

A tale of two different Fridays! Today we were outside in comfortable clothing at recess, and last week the arctic blast kept us inside. Today, our lunch staff served a festive Super Bowl lunch as we prepare for Sunday. (I was excited to see some of our students wearing green today!) Basketball season is winding down while the 8th Grade Play is ramping up. Please remember to get your tickets on Monday! (Think Taylor Swift - they go fast!) Please see the Ask-Me-Abouts below to see what your children are learning.

SAMSON STROLLS: I visited 5th Grade Math with Ms. Walker, Ms. Johnson, and Ms. Burns. If there is something you would like to see this semester, please email me!

A Note about Valentine's Day: The Student Life Leadership Group announced at School Meeting that they will be face-painting on Tuesday morning and that students can wear red, white, and pink to school. Students can wear athletic clothing if it is in the spirit of the day but follow the Dress Code regarding other forms of dress.

  • If you are sharing valentines in school, please bring one for all students within a pre-existing Brookwood student group (IE., advisory, homeroom, sports/fitness group, Friday club, whole grade, etc.)

  • As we look at store-bought or homemade valentines, please be mindful of gender specificity and stereotypes inherent in some cards. These thoughtful steps will ensure good feelings and a sense of community on a day meant to be fun, inclusive, and uplifting.

  • Candy is allowed as long as they are individually wrapped and nut-free.

  • If you are creating Valentines for your close friends, please exchange them outside school.

5th Grade:

Science: the word “argument” has a totally different meaning. A science argument involves making a claim, supporting it with evidence and reaching a conclusion.

French: The activities that I enjoy and when I prefer to do them.

Spanish: How to say 4 things that I like to do.

Art: Making an Explosion Book


  • 5A - what are the steps in a mindful tasting practice?

  • 5B - what is ‘crow pose’?

6th Grade:

Science: which question I chose for my air project presentation?

Math: How I finished my Unit on Polygons and what does it mean to slide an image?

French: How to say what classes I take at school, who my teachers are and where I have class.

Spanish: My class schedule, what classes I have, where, when and with whom they happen.

Geo/World Cultures: What have I learned from the poem: Harlem?

Music: Practicing their class’s songs and adding new instrumentation to it.

Art: Creating a “spirit animal” using recyclables


Section 2-

  • How does feeling gratitude affect our mind and body?

  • What senses did I use in the mindful tasting practice?

  • How are professional athletes using mindfulness meditation practices to improve their athleticism and success? Show me box breath!

Section 3-

  • What poses did you do in Yoga, and how did they feel?

  • What does an emotionally and physically safe classroom look and feel like?

  • What is the 3-2-1 grounding practice?

7th Grade:

Science: the cell cycle!

Internet Literacy (Sect. 1): Domain Name System (DNS) is the foundation for understanding truth from lies online! Ask me about how I can spot online fraud using my DNS skills!

History: Why the Second Amendment is so controversial

Math ( Carbo): How I am learning about slope and linear graphs

Math (Carver): …how to prove the Pythagorean Theorem

English: Presenting on illustrated quotes from the Pearl

Spanish: What types of things I could buy at the market in Oaxaca, Mexico

French: The process of making maple syrup, and other winter traditions of Quebec

Art: Constructing a “Surrealist” photo collage


Section 2-

  • What senses did I use in the mindful tasting practice?

  • How are professional athletes using mindfulness meditation practices to improve their athleticism and success? Show me box breath!

Section 3-

  • What was your favorite pose in Yoga and why?

  • What adjectives did you use to describe your “best self”?

  • What is the 3-2-1 grounding practice?

8th Grade:

French: How to talk about what I did once or twice, as opposed to what I used to do more regularly in the past.

Math (Section 1): …when to use which linear model

Math (Section 2): …how to solve a system of linear equations three ways

Science: components of a formal lab report

Music: Singing through all the songs, and getting ready for act 2 this Friday.

English: How Shakespeare uses nature to express themes.

Spanish: How to talk about what I used to do when I was younger using imperfect tense.

History: Am I ready for my test on Monday on the Rise of Hitler?

Art: Adding the finishing touches to my still life painting

Wellness: what are the nutrient-dense ingredients in the Berry Blast smoothie made on 2.7.23?

Enjoy the Weekend!

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