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Upper School Updates & Samson Strolls, Feb. 24

Dear Upper School Parents and Guardians,

It’s a beautiful winter day outside; It started with our 5th graders reminding the Brookwood community of our upcoming food drive and then presenting an Afro-Caribbean dance to the entire school. We have two busy weeks ahead with Mary Poppins, a food drive, planning for

student-led conferences, an ice cream Bowl, and more, all before Spring Break! Please see the updates below.

SAMSON STROLLS: I visited 6th Grade TCM (Tech, Changemaking, Mindfulness) this week. Please click here to learn more about the classes. If there is something you would like to see this semester, please email me!

Please ask your students about:

5th Grade:

Social Studies and Literacy: Preparing for our Afro Caribbean Dance and Food Drive. Be sure to ask about our field trip to Beverly Bootstraps!

Math: The relationship between fractions and decimals. How can we compare decimals to one another to determine which is greater?

Art: Gee’s Bend Quilts.. and creating an abstract design for my quilt square

Science: Choosing an artifact for my Student Led Conference.

French: What Francophone means and the difference between an official language and a national or common language.

Spanish: I am creating a booklet about myself, my family, and the activities I do each season.

6th Grade:

English: Why are the woods feeling “ominous” in Girl Who Drank the Moon

Music: performing at school meeting March 9th!

Math: Solving one-step equations using inverse operations

Geo/World Cultures: What did I take away from our unit on the Harlem Renaissance?

Art: How is my papier-mache progressing, and what techniques work best?

French: We are learning all the new food and meal vocabulary and how to talk about what I eat, when, and where.

Science: What is one example of evidence of climate change?

Spanish: How I combined four different verb/verb groups to answer questions about relevant things.

7th Grade:

History: What were some of the most significant challenges faced by Lewis and Clark?

English: My Pearl essay

Math ( Carbo): Finishing Linear Equations and Functions

Math (Carver): finding the distance between two points on a graph

Art: How did my Face jug /Ugly mug turn out .. did my glaze choice enhance the facial features?

Spanish: Preparing to finish up our market unit and what unit comes next!

Science: What is a sister chromatid?

French: The traditional book that every child in Quebec reads at some point; what the setting is for the story and what I think is about to happen with the hockey jersey…

8th Grade:

Music: the set building process and getting ready for tech week next week.

Math (section 1): determining which linear form to use when

Math (section 2): using exponent rules - especially with complicated-looking expressions

History: What did I choose to do to demonstrate my understanding of World War 2?

Art: What is the theme for my Altered book?

Spanish: Talking about our childhood in the past and present.

French: The story Le Goûter and the unexpected twist at the end.

Science: What is energy?

Student-Led Conference Update: This week, our students began reflecting on the areas of confidence they want to share during student-led conferences on April 13 and 14. Students were tasked to find areas of academic work they feel good about and to reflect on what they did, what they learned, and why it is important.

More on the Food Drive: Hunger is 24 / 7. Brookwood is collecting food from February 27 - March 3. Please donate canned foods and non-perishable food and no glass containers. All donations will go to Beverly Bootstraps.

Enjoy the Weekend!

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