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Veracross Parent Portal Launches Thursday, October 20

Veracross is a comprehensive school information management system that will enable you to effectively monitor your child's education and activities at Brookwood. On Monday, October 17, you’ll receive an email from Veracross with your username and password for accessing your parent portal account. This username and password is unique to each parent/guardian. Please note that Veracross requires that your browser have cookies enabled.

The URL for Veracross is: We recommend saving this link in your Bookmarks for easy access. You will likely want to return to this portal often for confidential school information, registration for parent-teacher conferences, as well as grades/comments.

On Thursday, October 20, you will receive a separate email related to the parent/teacher conference registration process, which will take place within Veracross. Once you have logged into Veracross, you can then begin that process.

For more information about Veracross, please refer to If you have any problems, questions, or comments, please do not hesitate to contact Doug Fodeman at or 978-526-4500.

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