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Winter Sports COVID-19 Update

The 2021-22 basketball season is approaching and the health and safety of the student-athletes and our entire community is of utmost importance to the School. With that in mind, we will not be having any spectators at our home events. Some schools are allowing spectators while others are only allowing spectators from their parent body. If you would like to see if a school your 7th or 8th grade basketball player is visiting is allowing spectators I suggest you contact the school directly as the policies can, and will, change as the COVID levels fluctuate.


Our plan is to live stream home games on YouTube as long as we have permission from the visiting team and the parents of all Brookwood players; the links to each game will be shared within the event description on the Athletic Calendar.

Mask Usage

Athletes will need to wear masks while playing basketball due to the risks involved in cardiovascular exercise indoors. There are some masks on the market that target sports stating that they allow athletes to breathe easier while still providing protection.

Locker Rooms

Beginning this winter, students will be able to use the Locker Rooms to change for practices and games. They will not be allowed to leave any belongings in the locker rooms overnight. We are making a great effort to stagger locker room usage to minimize the numbers.

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