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April 21 - Ask your children about...

5th Grade:

Literacy: Ask me about our new book, Home of the Brave, and Kek’s journey to the United States. Also, ask me about preparing for Declamation next week.

Math: Ask me about multiplying fractions and how writing a story and drawing a picture help me to solve a problem.

Social Studies: Ask me about the challenges we had to do to gain more land and be good neighbors in our colonization simulation.

Spanish(Ruiz): Ask me about Spanish-speaking countries and the specific country I am researching.

French: Countries in the Francophone world and the country I am researching.

Science: Ask me about our last data-gathering trip to Long Hill and what we noticed had changed over five visits.

Wellness: Ask me to give an example of acts of compassion, expressing empathy for others, and self-compassion for myself.

6th Grade:

Science: How Alaska changed during the big quake in 1964

Math: How am I finding percent, discounts, tax, etc

Geo: What have I learned about UN Sustainable Goal 2 (Eliminating Global Hunger)

Spanish: I am putting everything I have learned in Spanish to write about myself in preparation for the book I’ll be reading.

French: The paragraphs I wrote this week brought together many of the language details we have been learning all year.

English: Ask me to practice my poem for you and to emphasize my PETV

Wellness: Ask me about the qualities of a healthy and unhealthy relationship and how the RULER skills can support me in my relationships. Ask me about box breath.

7th Grade:

Science: Ask me about the genetic disorder I am researching and my plan to present it to the class.

Math (Carbo): How I like finding areas of various combined shapes together.

Math (Carver): how to find the total degrees of all angles inside a polygon

French: the main character of the book I’m reading in class.

English: Ask me to practice my poem for you

Wellness: Ask me about my beliefs and mindsets about the school, and how my emotions impact my learning. Ask me about box breath.

History: Why the issue of enslavement was so important in the first half of the 19th century.

8th Grade:

Science: Ask me about the Mars rover I built and the adjustments I made after testing it.

History: How and why do you object in a trial? What is hearsay?

Math (section 1): graphing linear inequalities

Math (section 2): graphing quadratics

Wellness: (A) Ask me how professional athletes and the military use mindfulness meditation to support their mental strength, clarity, and overall well-being. Ask me about the yoga pose, thread the needle. Ask me what the difference between a “dopamine hit” and a “dopamine deficit” is and how technology/social media plays a role.

French: How to avoid repeating words in writing and speaking by using pronouns.

English: Ask me how my last Brookwood classroom Declamation went.

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