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New Employees Joining Our Community

Updated: Aug 9, 2023

2023 New Employees Continued... (Click to view May 26 Employee Update)

  • Marisa Hall - Librarian

Marisa is delighted to be stepping into the library and joining the Brookwood community this fall! After moving to Massachusetts in 2021, she’s spent the last two years as a Tween Librarian at the Sawyer Free Library. Spearheading the Young Gloucester Scientist’s Club, Marisa used her love of all things STEM to connect middle schoolers with science experts from around the North Shore through hands-on experiences and library field trips.

With nearly 10 years of youth services experience in public libraries her old stomping grounds include the New York Public Library and community libraries in her home state of NJ. Marisa received a Master of Information and Library Science with a concentration in School Media and Youth Services from Rutgers University and a Bachelor of Arts degree from the University of Delaware.

When she isn’t lost somewhere in the stacks you can find Marisa in the pottery studio, at the beach or reading with her trusty sidekick, Myrtle the Sphynx Cat. Her library doors are always open so feel free to stop by and chat books, STEM, or see photos of her cat.

  • Lydia Gilman - Kindergarten Lead Teacher

Lydia can’t wait to join the Brookwood community and is especially excited to teach Kindergarten. She holds a Bachelor’s degree in Elementary Education and a Master’s degree in Early Childhood education and Creative Arts from Lesley University. Lydia previously taught at Tower School and Fairwind Learning Center in Marblehead, MA in their Pre-Kindergarten classrooms. She also worked in special education as a paraprofessional in the Beverly School District. Lydia has a passion for teaching 4- 6 year olds. She loves being children’s first connection to a school experience and witnessing their genuine curiosity as they learn, grow, and explore. In her classroom, she readily uses her training in the Responsive Classroom approach to create a joyful and engaging classroom community with an emphasis on social emotional learning to build student’s academic skills. She is already looking forward to the school year ahead. When Lydia is not happily teaching she enjoys being active outside in all seasons and spending time with her family.

  • Haley Schlegel - Early Childhood Associate Teacher

Haley is overjoyed to join the Brookwood community for the upcoming school year. She grew up in Beverly, and graduated college in 2021 with a Bachelor’s degree in Early Childhood Education from Salem State University. She has been a lead teacher in childcare for eight years and has spent many years as a nanny and camp counselor as well. One of her favorite summer activities is volunteering at Camp Sunshine, a camp on Sebago Lake for children with life threatening illnesses and their families. In her free time, Haley enjoys going to the beach, reading, and taking barre and yoga classes. She recently became a certified barre instructor in March of 2023. Haley loves nothing more than teaching young children and making the school day full of fun. She can often be found singing and dancing around the classroom. Haley can’t wait to be a part of the Brookwood Early Childhood team!

New Roles:

  • Alicia Drury - Assistant to Division Heads and Spanish Teacher

  • Jared Ordonez - 1st Grade Assistant Teacher

  • Jamie Hyland- Skills - full time

Teaching Teams for 2023-23:

Lower School

  • Early Childhood Program 1: Emily Froeschl

  • Early Childhood Program 2: Adria Saunders

  • Kindergarten: Pam Hawes, Lydia Gilman

  • Grade 1: Sarah Dawe, Jeff Wilfahrt

  • Grade 2: Suzy Light, Tiffany Wilson

  • Grade 3: Wendy Panchy, Lauren Hutchinson

  • Grade 4: Elise Koretz, Katie Swanton

Upper School

  • Grade 5: Lisa Johnson, Lisa Burns (in the homeroom model)

Grades 6 - 8 Teachers and Advisors: Peter Abramson, Sid Adams, Joshua Cabral, Monika Carbochova, Brian Carver, Evan Diamond, Alicia Drury, Ray Falconer, Edith Fouser, Laura Lilley, Meg Lloyd, Andrew Luman, Rebeca Ruiz, Dave Samson, David Saunders, Jean Skaane, Kathy Stewart, Mike Wellington

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