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Changemaking Lab Note - April 21

It’s been another blockbuster week in the Changemaking Studio! On Wednesday night, we hosted the first Changemaking parent workshop. Over the course of two hours, we explored the world of 3D design and printing, looking at different student examples, geeking out over the technical aspects of the different machines we have in our space, and even digging into some 3D design ourselves! Parents jumped into creating solutions to some of our Job Board challenges, and some designed their own 3D objects, including a custom Apple Watch stand:

  • Next week’s evening workshop will be all about laser cutting! Register today to be a part of the action 🙂

One group of sixth grade students has been busy over the past couple of weeks revitalizing some outdoor classroom raised garden beds. They’ve sown lettuce seeds and are eagerly awaiting their germination. In the meantime, they’ve taken down the broken garden beds in the EC and Kindergarten outdoor classroom area and built new ones yesterday morning. Their next steps will be to stake the beds in place, add more soil, and invite our community to add new plants and make the space even more beautiful.

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