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Join us: Dr. Julia Martin Burch presents, “Helping Your Child Build and Keep Healthy Relationships”

Updated: Apr 12, 2023

What: PA Meeting with Guest Speaker Dr Julia Martin Burch, PhD

When: April 20th 8:30-9:30 am

Where: Dodge Writing Center on Campus [Coffee and light snacks will be served].

Join us for an important educational talk by Dr. Julia Martin Burch entitled: Helping Your Child Build and Keep Healthy Relationships: Tips and Tricks for Parents

Dr. Julia Martin Burch will lead an hour long, interactive workshop focused on child and tween social development. The workshop will cover the basics of how to help kids think about their social relationships, as well as evidence based tips for supporting your child during social conflicts. Parents will leave with concrete skills that they can try immediately at home!

Julia Martin Burch, PhD is a clinical child psychologist specializing in cognitive behavioral therapy for children and adolescents. She completed her training at Fairleigh Dickinson University, Massachusetts General Hospital, and McLean Hospital/Harvard Medical School. Prior to transitioning to full time private practice and consulting, she worked as a staff psychologist in the McLean Anxiety Mastery Program (MAMP) and as a trainer and consultant on evidence-based practices in the McLean School Consult Service. She is passionate about sharing the effective techniques she uses in therapy with the larger community through workshops, consulting, and writing.

For more information, please check out Dr. Martin Burch’s website: It has a lot of resources for parents!

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