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Lower School Conferences

We made it this far! It has been an exciting time, and the days are speeding past. Time moves fast when you are having fun. As we are about to go on break, there are two important things to note as soon as we get back.

  • Parent-Teacher Conferences are on Thursday, April 13th, with a noon dismissal, and on April 14th. There is no school on April 14th. However, there is auxiliary programming being offered on both days to support families with childcare. Please see the note from our Auxiliary Programs Director, Kyla McMahon, click here to learn more

  • about the offerings. Registration for these programs will launch in conjunction with conference sign-ups.

  • Additionally, the portal for signing up for Parent-Teacher Conferences will be available Tuesday, March 28th. You can use this tool to schedule conferences with Homeroom Teachers for students in Early Childhood through Grade 4. Specialists are also available for conferences but are not required. Please email Specialists directly if you would like to set up a time to meet. The Parent-Teacher conferences scheduling tool will be locked on April 10 at 8 AM. If you need to make changes to the conferences once locked, please email your child's homeroom teacher directly.

I look forward to a restorative break and hope the same for you. At the same time, I am genuinely anticipating the coming months with a heart full of joy.

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