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Meta Minute - March 24 - Rainbow Spine

Maybe you’ve had a yoga teacher instruct you to “root down through your sitz bones,” as they are guiding you to bring your attention to the bony part of your bottom. The word sitz comes from the German verb, “sitzen” which means “to sit”. Kindergarteners found their sitz bones as they gently wiggled from side to side connecting and grounding them with the earth below, balancing each side of their body evenly, and preparing them for Rainbow Spine breath and movement practice. As seen in the video below, the children arched their spines like a rainbow as they breathed in and out. Physically, this movement warms up the spine, while grounding the body; and mentally, it integrates the mind, body and breath. Breathing in as the throat and heart lead the arch of the back, and breathing out as the chin tucks towards the chest, the head lightly falls, and the belly gently drops in arching the back in the opposite direction. Give it a try and notice how it feels as the breath guides you through the movement!

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