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Meta Minute - March 31; Mood Meter

In their second rotation of “Wellness” class, Upper School students are delving into the topic of emotional intelligence. One student defined it as, “understanding my emotions at any given time, and figuring out what to do with them if they need adjusting for what I’m doing or who I am with.” Exactly! They are developing an awareness of their emotions –comfortable or uncomfortable– sad or excited –and mastering them for the ever-changing situations throughout their day.

Through individual and group activities, as well as journaling, students explored how emotions affect their beliefs and mindset around learning, and how there may be patterns that can be regulated or shifted to improve experiences at school whether it be academic or social. The students expressed and illustrated their emotions in a day at school (see photos) using the Mood Meter color scheme, while also exploring how they could regulate the emotions that are keeping them from being their best self as a learner, friend and member of the community.

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