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Meta Minute, Mrs. Skaane- Jan. 13

Yoga is an introspective practice for each person – a quiet time to move one's body through various poses, noticing and feeling sensations as well as thoughts in our minds. Yet there is a time in the practice for LAUGHTER, SMILES, and CONNECTION…yes, it’s true. This does take place in Brookwood’s Yoga Loft when students are engaged in PARTNER POSES! While the students are enjoying moments of silliness (even 8th graders!) as they maneuver and talk their way into the pose, what they are unaware of are the many benefits such as strengthening verbal and nonverbal communication skills, amplifying the stretching of muscles, improving their alignment, posture and balance, and a deepening connection with their peers whom they need to trust and rely on in the pose. What a wonderful practice where the students can experience a period of quiet movement as well as joy, connection, and support!

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