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PA Movie-Fest Postponed Until Spring

Dear Brookwood Community,

No amount of effort and anticipation when planning an outdoor event can compete with weather conditions. Despite our continued efforts, the weather foiled our plans, which has led us to postpone Movie-Fest.

After MUCH consideration and weighing out the pros and cons, benefits and risks, the decision has been made to postpone Movie-Fest until Spring or to a location that will allow us to be less beholden to the weather.

We are sure you are all disappointed, as we are, but we are working at new plans to bring Movie-Fest to this community at a later date.

We would like to thank the more than 115 families that signed up to attend Movie-Fest. It's a true indication that there is a strong sense of community at Brookwood School! We ask you to stay tuned and look for future information regarding this event.

With the highest hopes,

The Parents’ Association Executive Committee

(Lindsay, Roberta, Gretchen, Courtney, Matt & Gina)

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