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Upper School Update - February 18

Dear Upper School Parents and Guardians,

Earlier this week, we were sledding at recess, and yesterday we were outside having a World Language School Meeting, which included dancing and celebrating cultures throughout the world. Basketball season is wrapping up, and spring is in the air. Next week is spirit week at Brookwood, and students have the choice to wear neon on Tuesday, pajamas on Wednesday, favorite sports teams on Thursday, and Brookwood spirit on Friday. Please see the sign below designed by Aidan Bouton in the 8th Grade Student Life Leadership group.

Click here to see a slideshow of Upper School students in action during Heron House competitions.

Please ask your students about:

5th Grade: (Outside of Homeroom Classes)

French: The Francophone World and all the places where French is spoken, either as an official language or a cultural language.

Spanish: The culture and geography of Spain and Mexico, which city I’d like to visit most!

Mandarin: We made lanterns to celebrate the last day of the Chinese New Year–Lantern Festival.

Music/Theater: Describe the steps in a story arc and how to write a “flip the script” play.

Music: “Honey, I love you” game.

6th Grade:

Math: Why I wanted to go to the grocery store and take pictures of the price tags. Yes, we are studying rates.

French: The versatile verb “faire,” the 10+ meanings, and all the things I can use it to say.

English: What is a theme?

Spanish: Talking about our families.

Geo (Burns): What I created for my Africa visual project.

Geo (Abramson): How can fads like Hula Hoops and Silly Bandz help explain the laws of supply and demand?

Science: The density of air and how air masses affect our weather

Music: What songs is their class working on for their performance?

7th Grade:

Math ( Carbo): How we are about to finish the longest chapter ever - Linear Equations. I will have an extensive chapter test on Wednesday.

Math (Carver): How many different ways my family can sit around a table

French: The story we are reading (Le Chandail) and Maurice Richard.

History: Why the 2nd Amendment is so controversial.

English: My project on the Pearl

Spanish: Learning about Oaxaca and how to get directions to different places in the city.

Music/Theater: Describe the five elements of costume design and how to pick out a costume that is appropriate for a character.

Science: How do air fresheners work? or Diffusion, Osmosis, and Active Transport in cells

8th Grade:

French: The music and culture of West Africa, particularly Togo, Senegal, and The Gambia.

Spanish: My newscast project.

Music/Theater: Describe the five elements of costume design and how to pick out a costume that is appropriate for a character.

Math: What exponential growth and decay are and how to build an exponential function.

History: How are my preparations for the Mock Trial coming along?

Science: How does my group's variable affect reaction rate?

English: Romeo and Juliet

Next Wednesday we are excited to announce that Sami Atif, Ph.D.,the Director of Equity and Inclusion at the Fessenden School, will be visiting Brookwood. He will speak with Upper School students sharing his story and his passion for STEM subjects while integrating aspects of Black History month into his presentation.

Hope to see you at the Upper School Conversations with Jon on Thursday, March 3 at 8:15.

Enjoy the long weekend!


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