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Upper School Update - January 28

Updated: Feb 4, 2022

Dear Upper School Parents and Guardians,

It’s been an exciting week. In addition to the magic happening in the classrooms, we’ve returned to 7th and 8th grade basketball games, spending time with our lower school buddies outside and our second week of winter clubs. Some of the winter clubs include cinema as an art form, understanding stars and planets, an improv club, and the outdoor game of “rafters.” Chess is also very popular. Please click here to see some pictures of the last few weeks.

Please ask your students about:

5th Grade: (Outside of Homeroom Classes)

Technology: Using Scratch coding to create a scene from our book Sophia’s War, about the Revolutionary War

6th Grade:

Spanish: What verb do I use to say what someone has (a belonging, features, or age).

Math: Solving One-Step Equations and figuring speed, time, and rate.

Science: Comparing weather and climate and the properties of thermal energy

Geo (Abramson and Burns): How is my Africa essay coming along? What is plagiarism, and why is learning about it so important?

French: What happens to “un” and “une” words when I say I don’t have one.

English: My prediction for what will happen next in Girl Who Drank the Moon.

7th Grade:

Spanish: How to report the weather.

Math ( Carbo): How I did on my Linear Equations Quiz and what is the slope

Math (Carver): How to prove that the three interior angles of a triangle add up to 180 degrees

Science: The Great organelles debates’ results and homeostasis

Internet Literacy: My Super-Sleuth Detective Skills at uncovering fraudulent online websites!

History: The Landmark Supreme Court cases we are studying

Music/Theater: Working at getting scenes 1-5 memorized.

French: How I am leveling up my French from Novice High to Intermediate Low and adding to sentences to get there.

English: My independent reading book!

8th Grade:

Spanish: The artist I wrote about and my opinion of their art.

Mandarin: We start Unit 5 lesson 2 and celebrate Chinese New Year!

Reading to lower schoolers and finishing picture book reviews.

History: What is my side’s theory of the mock trial case? What did Mr. Mueller talk to us about?

Theater: Working on various behind the scenes projects.

Community Life: Uncomfortable conversations

Math: how to solve two equations in two variables - and three ways to do it!

Science: How are we collecting gas to determine reaction rate?

French: The questions that I will ask Jennier Degenhardt, the author of the La Nouvelle Fille, which we just finished reading.

Coming Up: Next Wednesday, February 2, our 5th graders will have a sneak peek of the 6th grade. They will have short classes with three different 6th grade teachers moving from classroom to classroom to learn about the 6th grade departmentalized schedule and meet members of the 6th grade team.

Wellness Week: Will Slotnick, who runs Wellness Collaborative, will be visiting with 6th, 7th, and 8th graders during the week of February 7. He will focus on alcohol, drug, and tobacco education. Will discusses tools for stress management and overall social and emotional wellness, which fits seamlessly with the focus of Brookwood’s PGD Program. Through both efforts, students will develop healthy coping strategies, become more aware of their values, and improve their capacity for making healthy decisions based on those values. Will will be available for an informational parent meeting on Thursday, Feb 10th, from 2:30 - 3:15. Here is a zoom link for that meeting. Please join us as he gives some insight into his conversations with our students and answers your questions about substance abuse risks and education for adolescents.

Enjoy the snow,


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