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Upper School Update - September 23

Updated: Sep 24, 2022

Dear Upper School Parents and Guardians,

After some thunderstorms yesterday, we finished our week with a beautiful day and the start of Fall clubs. This fall, we have clubs ranging from chess to dance, trailblazing, and shark tank. Clubs are a great part of the Upper School program that allows choice for students, time with students in other grades, and to explore something with teachers outside of the regular school day. We look forward to seeing all of you next Thursday, September 29, for Back to School Night. After Mr. Bartlett’s presentation, you’ll have a specific schedule to follow and get a glimpse of your student’s schedule. We are excited for a fun evening together!

Samson Strolls: I shadow students every two weeks and see what they are learning across the curriculum for Upper School Updates. This week I visited 6th Grade Math. Please click here to learn more about the class. If there is something you would like to see, please email me!

Please ask your children about…

5th Grade:

LiteracySocial Studies: Ask me about bringing our first story, Morning Girl, to a close. What are the connections between Christopher Columbus’s arrival in the Bahamas and Indigenous Day observation? Ask me about creating my Identity Puzzle.

Math: Ask me about Prime numbers and composites. How does place value play into understanding numbers?

Digital Citizenship: Ask about what makes a good Digital Citizen in our family.

French: Classroom objects and the materials that I use when in class.

Science: Ask me about the nine places water resides on our planet.

Spanish: What instructions I can follow in Spanish and how to say items around the classroom

6th Grade:

Tech & Society: Ask me how a computer or a network works.

Math: Ask me how to find the area and perimeter of combined figures

Science: Ask me about how sun butter and jelly sandwiches relate to experimental design!

Music: ….how certain intervals have different moods or feelings.

French: how to introduce myself and others, including where from, nationality and age.

Geo: Ask me about what a map is and studying for my first map quiz.

English: Who my favorite character was in my summer reading book!

7th Grade:

Science: tides & the intertidal zones

Internet Literacy (7-1): Ask me how to make sets of strong passwords that are easy to remember AND ask me to show YOU where your account information has been STOLEN!

Math (Carbo): Ask me about properties, and solving equations

Math (Carver): how I’m using the details of the problem to build an expression or equation

History: Why writing a thesis statement is so difficult.

English: Making the world of a book visible.

Spanish: The influential Hispanic/Latin American I wrote about and what Hispanic heritage month is.

8th Grade:

Science: the metric system

Math: …approaching questions from the ‘What do I know?” perspective

Music: …about the five characteristics of the speaking voice. And what the play is.

French: What strategies do I have to avoid using English in class?

History: Why is the Industrial Revolution so important, and how is my research essay coming along?

English: The Aquarium Visit Assignment Assignment

Spanish: Review from the past years and what strategies we will use to have class 100% in Spanish where everyone participates!


Spirit week is next week! As your child pulls together the pieces of dress for school spirit, please keep a critical eye on inclusivity, kindness, and appropriate clothing for school. Sometimes costume ideas are an excellent opportunity to engage in an age-appropriate conversation about stereotypes. If students are not participating in spirit week, they must remain in Brookwood Dress Code. Please see the dress days below:

Tuesday, September 27: BUDDY COLOR DAY

EC/4 - Red

K/5 - Pink

1/7 - Blue

2/6 - Orange

3/8 - Purple

Wednesday, September 28: GAME DAY

Come in your BWD team uniforms or BWD Spirit

Join us on the sidelines and cheer on our teams!

3:15 Girls Varsity Soccer v Shore

3:45 Girls Varsity Field Hockey v Nashoba Brooks

3:15 Boys Varsity Soccer @ Shore

4:00 Boys JV Soccer Green @ Fay

Thursday, September 29: HERO DAY

Come as your hero: public figure, teacher, historian, athlete, book character, and more.

Friday, September 30: PAJAMA DAY

Come dressed in your PJs and slippers!

Enjoy the weekend!

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