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Upper School Updates - Dec. 30, 2022

Dear Upper School Parents and Guardians,

REVELS was amazing! I’m so proud of our Upper School students. The readers, soloists, chorus, steel drummers, and handbell players were excellent. There is a lingering feeling of joy in these halls, and I hope you feel that as you start winter break. Below are some updates and announcements in our last Upper School Update of the year.

Samson Strolls: I visited 8th Grade Spanish with Ms. Gustaferro two weeks ago. Please click here to learn more about the class. So far, I've covered each grade in a different subject- (each linked in my bi-weekly updates in Heron Hub). If there is something you would like to see next semester, please email me!

Steep Days Brainstorm: During our last week of school, Upper School students chose a specific program led by our faculty and “steep” themselves in something outside the Brookwood curriculum. The goals of the program are to transcend “school as usual” by providing a deeply immersive and enriching learning experience for students and to allow teachers and students to share their passions, explore an area of established or potential interest, connect in new ways, and pilot initiatives that could be incorporated into future curriculum. This year Steep Days are June 12 - June 14, and we are wondering if you have any ideas to support the program.

  • Do you work in an organization that would allow student visitors to learn about your industry?

  • Could Upper School students provide a service to help your organization?

  • Thanks in advance for any ideas and/or suggestions you might have!

Please ask your student about:

5th Grade:

Literacy/Social Studies: How does Remember the Titans compare to Hidden Figures? What can we learn from these films about marginalization and the cycle of oppression?

Writing: How have I been revising my personal narrative?

Math: What are equivalent fractions? How can finding equivalent fractions help me to order fractions from least to greatest?

Science: Scientists completed their presentations on water testing and then created their own “page” for the book “We Are Water Protectors.” Their words and imagery were quite powerful!

French: Putting together sentences with more details.


  • 5B enjoyed Yoga Day

  • while both classes came together to talk about the brain and mindfulness, focusing on the prefrontal cortex, the amygdala, and the hippocampus. Ask your students what “flipped my lid” means and how to illustrate it with their hands!

6th Grade:

Math: How I did graphing pictures in the Coordinate Plane

Science: How hurricanes and tornadoes are similar or different!

World Cultures: Ask me why diamonds (which are not essential for life) are so expensive while water (which is) is practically free.

Spanish: How I put together many elements of what we have learned to create an introduction booklet with things that make me who I am.

Music: how excited we are to perform for all families at Revels! :)

French: Subject Pronouns and how they are used with verbs


  • Yoga Day was fantastic with some energizing poses and fun partner poses; we ended the practice mindfully listening to their class playlist compiled of songs that make the students feel calm or energized.

  • Mindfulness + Gratitude - the science of gratitude, the brain, and mindfulness using our five senses; the GRATITUDE Wall

  • Completion of the Quilt of Compassion + Self-Compassion

  • Healthy snack - seed-based granola that was a hit! Conversations around fueling the body and mind and what this type of snack provides versus a plain bagel were interesting and engaging!

7th Grade: